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Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Yes, we offer enterprise plans that come with the option for on-premises deployment, tailored to meet your organization's specific needs for scalability, security, and compliance.

Usage of AI and Model Training: How does it work?

Our Large Language Models are pre-trained on extensive legal datasets. Importantly, your data is not used for model training and is solely for generating real-time responses.

Can this solution integrate with my existing legal tech stack?

Yes, we provide real-time live sync through API endpoints and SDKs, enabling seamless integration with your legal documents, case management systems, and CRM software.

How do you ensure accuracy?

Our AI-driven document analysis is crafted for high precision. Each response comes with comprehensive citations, enabling you to reliably trace the source of every piece of information.

How do you handle data privacy and security?

We follow global data protection laws, including GDPR. Security varies by deployment—VPC, on-prem, or cloud. For specific details, contact [email protected]

Is the service a substitute for a legal advisor?

No, the service is not a substitute for professional legal advice. It's designed to enhance lawyers' existing workflows by automating routine tasks, but should be used alongside qualified legal counsel.

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